Ralph G. Brancaccio

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Conceptual Portraits

Brancaccio uses the sole of people's shoes as a printing plate to create conceptual portraits. He branches out from traditional portraiture where physical representation reflects the appearance of the individual; instead he uses a personal object to mark and represent a moment of an individual's walk through life.
Brancaccio focuses on the instant when our step marks testament to our passage. He plays with the layering -crisscross of human traffic that roams the earth and extrapolates an often-invisible accountability to this testimony. In this work we see an ethereal representation of an individual without traditional attributes; one might say that the soul of the individual is captured in the imagery since we cannot identify human features.
As the viewer we are only allowed to know the individual as this trace or mark before us. We are not given insight into their appearance, or what has brought them here. If a portrait is of someone that we do know the anonymity turns into a juxtaposed testimony to our own passage or woven pattern created through our life's walk.
Brancaccio's portraits include Elizabeth Taylor, Padro Almodovar, Jean Paul Gaultier, Angelica Huston, Robert Wilson, James Earl Jones, Miguel Bose, Jean Marc Barr, and Phyllis Diller